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The story of “Maheev” ™ goes back to 1998.

College friends from Yelabuga used to make a living by reselling food products. One day, during road trip to Samara to purchase mayonnaise, Leonid Baryshev decided to check out the mayonnaise factory. Back then, there were no entry control systems at most plants and he was able to get inside. Leonid observed the production process and asked questions. That day became a true turning point: Leonid “fell in love” with mayonnaise, seriously and permanently. And first of all, he headed to Moscow to study the theory of process in Bolshaya Leninskaya Library.

After returning back home, Leonid turned his small kitchen into real laboratory. Every day he tried to make mayonnaise. But more attempts only brought more questions. In search of answers, Leonid decided to go to St Petersburg’s Federal Scientific Institute of Fats.

Leonids idea to manufacture his own mayonnaise was treated with huge scepticism. The only person who supported him was Vadim Maheev. Together they sold their cars, but money they made still wasn’t enough to purchase necessary equipment. Then Leonid persuaded his father to sell his Tatneft shares and lend them money for business. Leonid and Vadim leased the old restaurant space and purchased their first used mayonnaise production line. Friends spent almost all their time in the shop. And the first batches of their mayonnaise, Leonid and Vadim sold themselves on the local market from the trunk of the small car.

Soon they began to receive orders from wholesalers. Shipments were made from Sole Trader “Maheev”. One day, upon receiving the new batch of lids for mayonnaise jars, they noticed the lids were signed ST “Maheev” by the manufacturer, whilst before they always were blank.


  • Rented 150 sq m space in Yelabuga
  • Purchased first used mayonnaise production line
  • Started mayonnaise distribution

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  • Sole Trader Baryshev L.A. sent application to Rospatent to register “Maheev” Trademark
  • Volume of mayonnaise production reached 500 tons per month

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  • Production line has been moved from rented space into the new bigger space that was now owned and covered 1500 sq m
  • Sole Trader Baryshev L.A. was approved for “Maheev” Trademark registration
  • By the end of the year the volume of mayonnaise production reached 2000 tons per month
  • Started production of ketchups

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  • JSC “Essen Production AG” was founded by two individuals – Leonid Baryshev and Vadim Maheev. To this day there are only two founders.

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  • Purchased another 1000 sq m space. The volume of production reached 3000 tons per month.
  • First in Russia, along with german company “Stephan” (equipment supplier) and “Khanteck Service” (crude supplier), developed a recipe and production technology of cold resistant mayonnaise, which allowed the delivery of mayonnaise during winter time across Russia without extra expenses on special transport.
  • First among sauce manufacturers in Russia started to produce mayonnaise in soft packaging (Doypack) with dispenser cap. Its main advantage is possibility to multi-use after the initial opening. JSC “Essen Production AG” established its own production of plastic dispenser caps for soft packaging.
  • Developed and implemented unique logistics system: mayonnaise distribution would happen from local warehouses and not directly from the plant. Straight from the production line mayonnaise was transported to warehouses in the regions which saved valuable production space at the manufacturing plant and allowed distributors to buy mayonnaise locally without transportation expenses.
  • First in Russia started using gravity flow racks for storing. FIFO (First –in/first-out) movement provided optimal product turnover of goods and converted static pallet racks into high capacity gravity flow rack picking system.
  • Started active marketing promotions, launched first federal TV ad campaign. By this time, mayonnaise “Maheev” had presence throughout the whole Volga Federal District.

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  • Mayonnaise “Maheev” reached Top 3 of mayonnaise manufacturers in Russia.
  • Started export of mayonnaise “Maheev” to international markets.

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  • New unique product – “Maheev With Lemon Juice” - was introduced to the market. Heavy marketing campaigns on federal TV channels featuring actress Anna Bolshova helped the rapid brand recognition and sales.
  • First in Russia started to package mayonnaise in plastic buckets. “Maheev” trademark consistently had a leading position in sales charts – 5 million buckets per month. With 148 million people living in Russia and average family consisting of 4 people, it means over half of all Russian families buy mayonnaise “Maheev” in buckets.

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  • “Maheev” trademark became a leader in manufacturing mayonnaise in Russia.

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  • JSC “Essen Production AG”, founded by Baryshev L.A. and Maheev V.E., established proprietary rights in relation to “Maheev” trademark.
  • New TV campaign on major federal channels (Perviy, Rossiya, Domashny, TV3) was launched to promote and bring more attention to high calorie mayonnaise “Maheev”.
  • Successful large-scale advertising campaign was held with use of Moscow Metro: around 2000 metro cars on 10 metro lines were used for ad placement.
  • New TV campaign on major federal channels (Perviy, Rossiya, Domashny) was launched to promote and bring more attention to mayonnaise “Maheev With Lemon Juice”.
  • TM “Maheev” products started to be actively distributed in federal chains like “Metro Cash And Carry”, “Magnit”, “Lenta”, “Dixi”, “Ashan”, “Okey”, “Perekrestok”, etc.
  • JSC “Essen Production AG” established Charity Foundation “Maheev”. The fund was created to carry out charitable activities based on the principles of social responsibility of the business, and to support and help children with cerebral palsy, youth sport, education, culture and personal development. In 10 years, the fund spent 385.5 million rubles on these purposes. Fund manager is Svetlana Barysheva.

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  • TM “Maheev” took the first place among Russian exporters of mayonnaise.
  • Armen Jigarkhanyan did the voice over for the hit slogan – “Just Maheev. Just Provencal”. TV ad aired on major federal TV channels – “Perviy”, “Rossiya”, “NTV” and “TNT”.

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  • Mayonnaise “Maheev” started to be distributed to European countries (Germany, Italy and Greece).
  • • According to AC Nielsen ratings, TM “Maheev” took the first place in quantity of production among Russian mayonnaise manufacturers. In one year ‘Maheev” produced and distributed 128 736 tons of mayonnaise.

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  • New manufacturing factory was launched in Novosibirsk.
  • Started production of completely natural marmalade, jams and preserves using unique recipes.
  • Launched new eco-friendly packaging solution: glass jars were first used for raspberry and blackberry jams, as well as mustard.

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  • First among Russian manufacturers implemented interactive feedback from consumers through newest Microsoft technology: tag-codes on packaging.

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  • Launched confectionary production.

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  • Introduced new mayonnaise from “Provencal” series without preservatives.
  • Signed contract with Walt Disney that allowed placement of trademarked characters on “Essen Production AG” products.

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  • Started distribution of “Maheev” mayonnaise to China.
  • According to Customs Union data, mayonnaise “Maheev” became a leader in export of mayonnaise to European countries among Russian manufacturers (in one year total production and distribution of mayonnaise “Maheev” reached 156 thousand tons).

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  • Adindex rating placed JSC “Essen Production AG” 23rd among major advertisers of Russia (marketing budget of over 2.2 billion rubles a year to promote products under trademark “Maheev”). JSC “Essen Production AG” was the only business from Republic Of Tatarstan in the list of major advertisers.
  • 150 thousand tons of mayonnaise “Maheev” was produced and distributed in a year.

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  • Mayonnaise “Maheev” owned 20% of total production volume of mayonnaise in Russia and 70% of market in Tatarstan.
  • 224 thousand tons of 204 types of products manufactured in one year.
  • “Maheev” products became a leader of national rating and won “Product Of The Year” award in “Mayonnaise” and “Ketchup” categories.

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  • According to GFK ratings, “Jam Maheev” and “Marinade Maheev” became #1 in Russia.
  • The annual volume of distributed product was 19.23 billion rubles.

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  • According to AC Nielsen reports, TM “Maheev” mustard became #1 in Russia.
  • “Maheev” products became a leader of national rating and won “Product Of The Year” award in “Mustard” category.

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  • According to AC Nielsen reports, TM “Maheev” mustard became #1 in Russia.
  • “Maheev” products became a leader of national rating and won “Product Of The Year” award in “Mustard” category.

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